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Veja alguns comentários do P.Perfect flashcards a nível internacional, de um professor de Inglês da Austrália:

Assunto: Review of Present Perfect Cards
Data: 25/12/02
From: Michael & Ilana Cowan
To: Nadia Heifetz

I have just had a chance to try out a novel new teaching tool 'Present Perfect Cards'. The present perfect is one of the more complex structures to teach and is more or less unique to the English language.This tense often does not translate easily into the learning patterns of foreign students learning English. This methodology goes a considerable way towards making this tense more accessible to ESL students plus this new tool makes teaching the present perfect quite a new experience for both teacher and student.

The brief 'Teachers Manual' accompanying the cards is concise and to the point and offers good and clear ideas in terms of using the cards. Students become involved in using the tense immediately through clever experience based situations. The cards can easily be used for small groups of students or much larger groups with students readily becoming involved in the various language situations set up by the card exercises. There is a Joker which adds a fun element.

I should point out that I have been involved in the provision of ESL courses around the world for about 25 years and I am always on the lookout for good creative material. Quite a lot of conventional ESL teaching material is mechanical in its approach and is often culturally inappropriate to foreign learners.

Nadia Heifetz in putting together this methodology overcomes these patterns and allows good spontaneous use of the present perfect in a variety of clever situations which students can relate to and enjoy. The cards are an innovative and creative way to present and practice the 'present perfect' and one that will no doubt catch on in ESL schools across the world. In all a creative and useful teaching methodology which I will certainly encouraging fellow ELS teachers to use.

Michael Kenneth Cowan
M.Ed., B.Ed., Dip.Ed., [TESOL], B.A.


Segue abaixo, o comentário do Diretor de Estudos da Universidade Griffith, na Austrália, enviado por e-mail:

Data: 10/06/2003
From: Paul Steinhausen
To: Nadia Heifetz

Dear Nadia

Ref: Present Perfect Cards

At Griffith University English Language Institute we have been trying out the Present Perfect Cards that ELU has produced with some of our English Language classes.

I am glad to say that they have proved to be a popular resource, useful in supplementing the materials we already have. We have found them most suited to our General English 3 students, who are intermediate level in English, but, as I am sure you are well aware, the Present Perfect is a tense that continues to cause problems for many higher level students, so I think we may make your cards more widely available across our Institute.

All the best to you in your future endeavours in the production of English Language materials.


Paul Steinhausen
Director of Studies
Griffith University English Language Institute